Fleur de Sel Truffle


Gourmet Dark Chocolate Truffle with Sea Salt: Handmade, All Natural, Gluten-Free

Meet Mrs. French, the dark chocolate fudge ball infused with amazing French almond. The delicate topper? Sweet chocolate meets fleur-de-sel gourmet salt. The stunning combination of salt & almond draws out the deeper flavors of the chocolate: a fruity note, almost like cherry. (In fact, you may swear you taste some!) But this is a subtle salt, after all, she is a lady.

Like all our Cocopotamus fudge, Mrs. French is handmade artisanal dark chocolate fudge in a hand-dipped dark chocolate ball. Mrs. French is topped with an extra sprinkle of gourmet salt.

Honest Ingredients: All natural gourmet chocolate fudge truffles. No Corn Syrup. No Preservatives. Wheat Free. Gluten Free. Always Fresh.

Personality: The Blushing Bride

Flavor Profile: Dark chocolate with sea salt just got kicked up a notch with infused fragrant almond.

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