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Black Bitters


DRAM Black is a shadowy and robust blend of all herbs Black. The flavor profile is deeply layered with bright notes of Black Cardamom, Black Tea, sweet Blackberry leaf and a spicy Black Pepper finish.

These bitters are wonderful paired with all liquors dark and light. Add depth to you daily tea ritual or enjoy with sparkling water.

Ingredients: Grain spirit, Colorado spring water, herbs and spices, bitter roots. ***Please note**** This blend contains black walnut hulls and may cause irritation to those with nut allergies.

Disclaimer: Dram Apothecary uses herbs that may not be suitable for consumption by pregnant and nursing women. They may not be suitable for children and pets either. Our products have not been evaluated by the FDA, they are to be used as natural therapies to aid digestion, allergies and other complaints of the body. They do not eliminate, neither replace the use of traditional medicine. We are not responsible for an unsuccessful cure. If symptoms persist consult your physician at once.

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