Wild Sage Bitters


DRAM Wild Mountain Sage Bitters

Conjured forth using wildcrafted Colorado Sage handpicked in the waning summer sunshine complimented with a touch of dried orange peel.


Light and refreshing with deep tones of floral earth, sage and citrus.


4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built in dropper.


locally wildcrafted western mountain sage, gentian, exotic citrus rinds, herbs and spices.


Directions for use:
For centuries bitter herbs have been used as a “cure-all” for many complaints of the human body. It is best to add a few drops to the chosen medium to aid sluggish digestion, inspire a slow mind, clear chronic skin conditions caused by the build-up of toxins, and uplift your general spirit.  When rubbed on the skin they are sure to keep pesky summer bugs away.  Sage bitters may also be used to dress salads and stuffings.


For the quickest results to combat complaints of the digestive tract place 3 drops directly under the tongue and swallow. Follow with a swig of water.


Dram Apothecary uses herbs that may not be suitable for consumption by pregnant and nursing women. Their products have not been evaluated by the FDA, they are to be used as natural therapies to aid digestion, allergies and other complaints of the body. They do not eliminate, neither replace the use of traditional medicine. We are not responsible for an unsuccessful cure. If symptoms persist consult your physician at once.

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