Honey Chamomile Bitters


The finest Colorado honey paired with chamomile flowers, lemon peel and bitter herbs .
Soft and delicate chamomile profile with a bitter honey note to finish. They blend wonderfully with teas, soda water, light juices and classic cocktails alike.

Best friends with gin, tequila, vodka and even whiskey!


4 oz. reusable glass bottle with built-in dropper.


Ingredients: blossoms, bitter roots, exotic citrus rinds and fresh Colorado honey.



Directions for use:
For centuries bitter herbs have been used as a “cure-all” for many complaints of the human body. Add 5-10 drops to the chosen medium, blend and enjoy. For immediate relief of seasonal allergies, place a few drops directly under the tongue and follow with fresh water.


Dram Apothecary uses herbs that may not be suitable for consumption by pregnant and nursing women. Their products have not been evaluated by the FDA, they are to be used as natural therapies to aid digestion, allergies and other complaints of the body. They do not eliminate, neither replace the use of traditional medicine. We are not responsible for an unsuccessful cure. If symptoms persist consult your physician at once.

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