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Los Poblanos Lavender in Japan

The Los Poblanos Lavender products made the holiday window display at the Isetan store in Shinjuku Tokyo! You can also see Los Poblanos on the Japanese Shopping Channel here.

While We Roam

Rachelle and family spent the night at Los Poblanos en route to the NYC blogging conference, and had a great time on the farm. We hope they stop by on the way back through! Read more >



Ruby Press blog & visit

Melissa Davis and family recently spent time at with us and wrote about it on her blog, “Ruby Press.” She confessed she would move to Albuquerque if she could live at Los Poblanos. You’re not alone Melissa, many guests have expressed that sentiment and some have even tried. You’re welcome to come back as many times as you want, though.

Check it out! The pictures of her toddler son playing croquet are adorable!

My life’s a trip

Great review of La Merienda at Los Poblanos

Blogger Jen Pollack Bianco, who writes My Life’s a Trip, gave a great review of dinner at La Merienda and her visit Los Poblanos. My favorite line? “The best meal I had in Santa Fe- a city known for it’s great dining scene- was actually in Albuquerque.” Now that’s high praise!”

Check it out!

Readers: What do you think of the new menu? Jonathan’s always changing it up, but right now I’m partial to the Field Plate and the Espresso Rubbed Pork Ribs. You?

Photo America

A day on the farm

Josh Hailey spent some time at Los Poblanos on day 97 of his Photo America tour. A fifty states in fifty week photographic journey across the country. Happy trails Josh & save driving!

Check it out!

Spring at Los Poblanos

Can you believe we actually had a snow day on Tuesday? Check out Farmer Anthony taking Lilly for a walk. We’ve posted more snowy photos on our Facebook page. For those of staying at the Inn this weekend.. don’t worry! The weather is back to normal.

Kevin & Amanda

Kevin & Amanda were here over Christmas for a romantic getaway weekend. Looks like they had a great time at Los Poblanos and Albuquerque. Check out their blog. They take great photographs!